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Mokka Mona Lisa

During our last vacation to Edinburgh, I have had some interesting discussions with Mark regarding art. What is art? Take Damien Hirst’s ‘Away from the flock’ sheep. It’s certainly… well, interesting, but what makes it art?  Or who has the right to call this sheep art, rather than the stuffed remains of Dolly? And what about Douglas Gordon’s ‘List of Names (Random)’. I liked the pattern, the idea, the look of it, but does that mean it’s a work of art? Or Agnes Martin’s ‘Faraway Love’. It’s lovely, but, according to Mark, looks a lot like wallpaper. So why is this art, and wallpaper not? Or perhaps it is too?

To me, this is also art: the Mona Lisa latte art at the Rocks Aroma coffee festival in Sydney. The tones in the pictures are formed by adding less or more milk to cups of black coffee. Ik bet it even tasted better than the real thing.