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I want to study at Stanford (and I want an iPhone)

Students at Stanford university are getting pampered. Through iStanford 2.0, an application for their iPhones, they can look up anyone in the uni’s directory, locate themselves and/or a building on a map, and look for specifics regarding a certain course or event.

But of course, since it was created by an American university, there is also the option ‘Athletics’. Want to know the latest news about a basketball team, or even better, the current score of a game? Than get out your iPhone and have a look. The application proved a big hit at Stanford. They ran a commercial during a football game and within the span of that game, got 5000 extra downloads.

I must admit that all these iPhone apps are sure looking good, now we only need cheaper iPhones and connection rates here in Belgium, so our students (and I) can actually buy and use one without facing huge bills!