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Saving old books

Cambridge University Press has posted an interesting video to demonstrate their worflow to digitalise numerous of old books in the Cambridge libraries. First, they determine whether the books are in the public domain or whether Cambridge Press holds the copyright. Then, the works are scanned very carefully, and the resulting electronic versions are post-processed, and  made available as e-book. They can also be printed on demand. This way, a book should never go out of print again.

More or less the same as Google is doing with Google Books and the Espresso printing machines of OnDemandBooks, although the Google project received lots of negative response lately due to the extent of the Google Books settlement and the consequences for writers and books all over the world. Lots has been written lately about the Settlement. For those who want to follow up on it, the Google Book Settlement site gives lots of info for the library community. They have a nice 2-page overview of the Settlement and the consequences, for ‘those of us with no time ro read’.