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Run! It’s the swine flu!

These last weeks, people seem to get more and more tensed about the swine flu. Experts predicted a huge increase in the number of contaminated people and deceases, when children would return to school (on 1st of September in Belgium) and everywhere one is taking the necessary precautions. These measures have proven to be very effectic, cause now one predicts that this winter, even less people will die because of the flu than during normal winters, despite of the threat of the swine flu. However, there have also been a number of very inventive, sometimes even funny or just plain ridiculous rules and guidelines.

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A fresh start…

Since I’m going to leave the university and start a new job at bibnet in October, my ‘old’ K.U.Leuven blog will be inaccesible for me in a couple of months. Therefor, I thought it wise to create this brand new one, and start filling it up, so it doesn’t look like an empty box.

I’m leaving my current job with mixed emotions, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start… and an empty mailbox.