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Is an e-reader something for you?

I guess my studies have something to do with it, but it took Mark half a year to convince me to give e-books a go. Before I got my Sony e-reader, I was rather hesitant about the idea. Wouldn’t my eyes hurt from reading from a screen all the time? Wouldn’t I miss the scent and feeling of a brand new book in my hands? Would the lay-out be OK? And what about all these fantasy books with maps in it, would these graphics still be visible?

However, after only one day of reading on my Sony e-reader, I was totally convinced. No more place wasted in my suitcase by all the books I take along on holiday! And there are lots of free e-books thanks to sites like Google books and Project Gutenberg. I can even convert interesting pdf articles to lrf-files, thanks to Calibre.

A Dutch site called featured a poll on its website about the reasons why people use an e-reader. The big winner was ‘An e-reader is much more easy to take with you’, followed closely by ‘I can buy e-book anytime anywhere’ and ‘E-books are cheaper than normal books’. The 4th and 5th place was taken by ‘Some e-books are free’ and ‘It’s better for the environment’. Some folks also liked the fact that you can alter the letter size if needed. I can second all these claims. It’s a pity that, once again, here in Belgium, we are a bit slow at adopting  this handy gadget!


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