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Busted through Facebook!

In my opinion, lots of people are very open when it comes to their discussions and comments on Facebook. I always avoid talking on Facebook about upcoming vacations or trips, not knowing exactly who actually can read it, especially when friends start to comment on it or on photo’s, making the conversation also visible to their friends.

There have been many news items lately about employees being fired over making racists comments or negative remarks about their work or boss. Today, most Flemish newspapers feature the story of an institution using Facebook conversations as proof for sanctioning two students who are believed to have cheated during an exam. Not only did these two act very suspîciously during the actual exam, they also made arrangements on Facebook deviding the exam content between the tow of them and afterwards bragged about it on the same platform. They both received a zero as score for the exam, and the Exam Committee of the Flemish Government ruled that the school could indeed use the Facebook conversations as evidence. I hope the two have learned their lesson!


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  1. * kuan says:

    a comment on the students…
    I always tell my children when they were growing up that ‘to really know how to do something, is to think very carefully before you do something, answer a question, or to comment…because no matter how book smart a person is, without common sense, you have zip smart. In other words, being smart is 95% common sense, and 5% study…now it seems like these two had 0% common sense and now 0% study…and 0+0 is what now students? Oooops, you lost.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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