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Pies and prejudice

We  are back from Edinburgh, and once again it has been proven to us that the prejudices that most of my fellow countrymen have about Great-Britain are totally wrong!

First of all, the weather. It’s not always raining in England, even not in Scotland. We have been to Great-Britain for many years now, and we always had very nice weather. The first year, in Kent, there was a heat wave. We walked in out t-shirts in Poole at the end of October, and even during our honeymoon on the Isle of Wight at the end of September, we only had one wet day. That doesn’t mean it never rains there, but up until we were always lucky. When we are in the South West, it’s raining in Scotland, and when we are in the South East, it’s bad in the South West. This year however, we feared the worst. The weather forecasts for Scotland weren’t looking very good when we left, predicting far worse weather than here in Belgium. However, we arrived there last Wednesday noon, under a sunny sky, and it stayed that way until Saturday. If you want prove, ask the English lady who looked with compassion in her eyes at my red arms and neck after we came back from an afternoon walk on Thursday. I really looked like a lobster (and felt like I had been cooked for several more days). Sunday and Monday it was more clouded, with an occasional drop, but hey, excellent time to visit those nice museums! Besides, I had already seen far too much sun.

And what about the food? I have never, ever, tasted bad food in Great-Britain. I won’t say everything they cook up is as healthy as it should be, they do like their gravies,butter, cream and eggs, but it all tasted fine, even great. Shepherd’s pie, scones with clutted cream and strawberries, a home-made burger, steak and ale pie, muffins, merengue with cream and summer fruits, lemon pies, …, how can you say no to that? I even liked the haggis on my plate of full Scottish breakfast, although I must admit I didn’t eat all of eat, since it was a bit too heavy on the stomach so early in the morning. Really, one can eat great food in Great-Britain without having to take refuge into an Italian, Chinese or French restaurant. Try out that ‘pub’ food! I’m sure you’ll like it! And if not, there are always the desserts. I don’t think anyone can resist those sweet temptations.


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