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Web 2.0 starts to bark

Now that almost every person on the planet who uses the internet regularly has found his or her way to social software tools like blogs and networking sites, it’s time to expand web 2.0… to the animal world for instance. It seems a Flemish site has found a new niche and launched a social network for dogs, and their owners of course. At, you can create an account for yourself and your four legged friend, keep a doggie diary, join special interest groups, look for vets or dog schools in your neighbourhood, and much more.  The dogs each have a profile, with interesting details like whether they prefer to sleep or run a lot, whether they like to catch a ball, whether they are rather dumb or smart and whether they like to bite or prefer to give you a friendly lick. If you like a dog, you can leave it a message or give it a cookie or paw. Isn’t that much more friendly than all those people throwing food at me in Facebook!


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