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Sweet, sweet music – part two

So, what about day two of the Suikerrock festival? The weather gods were very pleased this weekend, and gave us another rain-free concert day on Saturday with (overall) great music. THis time I brought my camera, and since I didn’t have a good view of the stage due to all the tall people before me (or am I too small?), I took some pictures of the screens, which turned out not too bad.

The highlight of the second day came very early in the afternoon. We missed Jasper Erkens (cause Mark doesn’t like his sound, he calls him the ‘sheep’ because of his peculiar voice), but came well in time for two young but oh so great musicians, the boys from The Black Box Revelation. I still can’t believe that such a young guy can produce such a worn-out blues voice. I tend to call them ‘CCR in a new wrapping’, they really remind me of that style of music, but then with a contempary twist. It’s a pity that they performed so early in the afternoon, they deserved to be higher up on the concert schedule.

After that, we skipped De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, went for a bite, but wished we had chosen a restaurant on the other side of town, where we couldn’t hear the noice from the Dutch group. I’m very sorry, I do like their songs on the radio, but yesterday’s performance was in my opinion abominable. Maybe it was because we sat on the end of the market place and the sound got reflected on the walls, but it really wasn’t enjoyable.

Half an hour later, the totally different style of rap of the Fun Loving Criminals was much more pleasing to the ears. They also did their name all justice, with funny intermezzos, although some of them proved to be to intelligent for some of the people around us, who were not entertained at all.

We also stayed to watch Novastar, who also gave a nice performance, but I’m afraid I couldn’t really enjoy it. With two chatting ladies to my left, four playing childrens whose balloons kept dangling in my face, and a pint of beer over my clothes, I didn’t really manage to get into the mood. I’m sure Joost did his best though, he sure seemed to be hopping around like he always does.

No Anouk for us, we were a bit tired and not big enough Anouk fans to stay. Besides, the market place was getting a bit crowded, so I’m sure the rest of the 44.998 people there didn’t mind that we gave them a bit more space.


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