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Sweet, sweet music – part one

I went back to my home town Tienen Friday and Saturday, for Suikerrock (‘Sugar rock festival’), named that way because sugar is Tienen’s most important product (and the factory has always been one of the main sponsors of the rock festival). The 2009 edition was once again a big success, with 45.000 people on Saturday.

Friday evening we enjoyed Lady Lynn and her magnificent seven, who gave a nice performance, although her music is not really festival material, and I would have enjoyed it more in an intimate theater hall. The Scabs on the other hand were really rocking the market place. Having been a big fan of The Scabs in my younger years, it was great to see them again on a stage. Mark thought they were a bit too polished this time, he missed their rough edges, but that didn’t bother me, I rather liked their new sound. The hightlight of the evening however came from the Simple Minds! They were certainly alive and kicking, even after 30 years! They started with a couple of songs from the new album, and after that it was one hit after another, ending (like all the previous times) with ‘Gloria’. We want more of that, I’m sure the Suikerrock organisers will get them back in a couple of years (it’s becoming a sort of tradition).


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