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About Kate… and Adam

A couple of evenings ago, I saw ‘About Adam‘. I was intrigued by this film, mainly because it was announced as a ‘romantic comedy’, but turned out to be not entirely what I thought of it. Now don’t get me wrong here, although I’m a big fan of romantic comedies, I really liked ‘About Adam’. But this Irish production had a lot in common with many British productions. They are much more subtle, psychological and experimental than  American films.

The first surprise was that one of the main roles was played by Kate Hudson. Now wait a minute, didn’t I just say it was an Irish movie? Indeed, and about Irish characters. Kate needed to learn to speak with an Irish accent, and I must admit, she did a remarkable job!

Without revealing too much of the plot for you lovers of such movies out there, I watched ‘About Adam’ with an amused smile on my face, not laughing hartily about plain jokes, which aren’t really there, but grinning inside about the inventive plot and flash-backs, the not always so morally correct actions of the characters, and the overall atmosphere of the movie. When you look at it objectively, you should repeatedly frown at Adam’s behavior, but I couldn’t help but like him, even be entranced by him. It reminded me of ‘The Lies of Locke Lamore‘ by Scott Lynch, where I had the same feeling about the main characters, who turned our to be a kind of selfish Robin Hood, stealing from the rich but keeping it for himself, but an oh so charming one. Maybe it’s true after all, women like bad boys!


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