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On Twitter, tweeps and retweeting

Like some of you might have noticed, I have given Twitter a second chance. Many months ago, when I created my Twitter-account, I was not convinced of the benefits of micro-blogging. But I’m willing to give it another go, and  up until now I like what I have read and start to appreciate this versatile tool. And, all by all, the amount of posts from the type: ‘Im drinking coffee’ is fairly minimal. Although that could be due to my strict selection of tweeps.

Tweeps you ask? Well yes, if you use Twitter you must familiarise yourself with the Twitter-vocabulary. A quick search on the internet has taught me the following new exiting words, which will soon make it into Webster, no doubt.


  • A person with a mutual following on Twitter
  • A cross between a twerp and a creep (but let’s pretend we never heard that definition)


  • People who use Twitter


  • A sound that a bird makes (Ah, yes, we almost would have forgotten some of these words already existed before Twitter)
  • A post on Twitter, a real-time social messaging system


  • The act of sending and recieving messages via Twitter


  • On Twitter, to copy a tweet and then send it again on twitter, usually indicated by RT @, followed by the username of the original poster of the tweet.


  • An organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter

Now where did all these lovely definitions come from, you ask? Well, I got them from yet another social software tool, Urban Dictionary. It’s like a bit like Wiktionary, lots of people adding their definitions to certain words to create a big up-to-date dictionary of the English slang language. Or like the site states: ‘Urban Dictionary is the slang dictionary you wrote. Define your world!’ Shouldn’t that have been ‘word’ at the end, or was that a pun intended. Anyway, everyone can upload definitions, so don’t take it all too seriously!


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